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    Here is a very interesting post made by a Transcom rep on the ISP-LISTS forum - I wonder why Telstra wasn't interested in their business?

    [isp-australia] Satellite Internet Access - Transcom
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: [isp-australia] Satellite Internet Access - Transcom
    From: "Transcom Australia"
    Date: Sat, 24 May 2003 08:44:32 +1000


    We have recently opened a Transcom office in Australia (Gold Coast) representing volume internet services, and need to wholesale in qty Satellite Internet DVB S or DVB RCS 2 way access, as we do in the UK.

    Have tried endlessley to contact Telstra for a corporate program, without any response at all, even though we note that they have a 'glowing' 2 way satellite internet service advertised on their website.

    Any help in locating even the right division and / or person to discuss would be appreciated, please contact us off group with any details.


    Transcom Australia -
    --Business Hosting and Satellite Access--
    Transcom ISP -
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