@yotta - I havent signed on for a while - too much to do - but I...

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    @yotta - I havent signed on for a while - too much to do - but I haven't heard of 'A Personal Voyage'

    - but got interested in Vangelis when I had to organise a particular kind of feast at an ethnic Club I was entertainment officer for - a 'Krampus Dance' - Krampus is a kind of Devil (a man dressed up in devils costume with horns, a long red tongue, and a tail, who turns up with St Nicholas (also dressed up in bishops clothes) on the eve of 6th December in front of, particularly naughty children's homes (never happened to me smile.png) and demands that they recite a prayer and then if that fails asks the mother if the child was good - all the time the person dressed up as 'Krampus' (devil) rattles a chain and looks threatening, he also carries a kind of rucksack in which he takes the naughty children away (never happens of course) and he also has a birch or hazelnut broom (Rute) with which he deals out punishment . . . . .

    If the by now thoroughly terrified children were thought to be good, St Nicholas would leave them some sweets, nuts, apple, dates - that sort of thing - or these things would be in a shoe in the morning of the 6th.

    You an imagine if you try to organise something like that for adults; volunteers for the devil costumes among the fitter males is fierce . . . .and I devised an entrance for the devils using Vangelis music from 'Heaven and Hell' - or similar - turned the lights off - went into my cubby hole where the music equipment was held, meanwhile the 'devils' were waiting outside a side door - I turned the music on, no lights yet, but red strobe -
    and the devils would come screeching in finding all the ladies and trying to punish them - of course, no one behaved real badly -

    I had the satisfaction of knowing that they kept my 'format' for many years even after I had stopped volunteering.
    Well: that's when I discovered who 'Vangelis' is, but had heard Roussos music before - didn't know that they had collaborated for many years.

    Well - what was that? a trip down memory lane
    Have a great day

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