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    mate, before you start making comments like this - "I just wish other people ( like the above mentioned ) would do the same or at the very least post something informative or positive", it might pay to do 30 seconds research on my posting history.

    youll see on the 9/5/07 under my heading 'paschal', i am actually the first person to ask for his opinion on rmg, which has kick-started the ensuing insights he continues to give us. so that covers the informative part of your statement. as for postive, again look at any of my other posts.

    as for putting me in the same category as thestorm, if again you READ MY POSTS, im not his biggest fan.

    my last post was a joke and am sure was taken as such, although i did find your requests over the top. theres a difference in seeking an opinion and bleeding someone dry.

    ive been on the rmg train longer than you pal. maybe the time paschal saves you researching rmg you can spend having a look at the rmg posters that is is appropriate/inappropriate to bag?
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