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    Trading tip.

    As I'm sure most of you know, when for example you place a bid to buy some shares.

    If it's not filled after a period of time it's automatically removed.

    It's an asx ruling that's been in for sometime.

    If you've been peed off with this rule join the club. I've come close too have my order filled. Then the next day it's been deleted and I now place another order which goes to the back of the queue.

    Well you can get around it by reducing the amount of shares. Even by 1 share reduction.

    Example: you have buy order "1,000,000 shares". which are in the top line, 4th in the order.

    What you can do just before order expires. Reduce order by "one share" 999,999,999, you'll then get a new expiry date.

    You stay in the exact order as prior to new change.

    Same goes with selling shares.

    I hope this might be helpful.

    Best wishes

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