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    What’s Important about this Strategy

    1.The Setup Candle needs to start from a trendline or a supply/demand zone before reversing and move strongly in the opposite
    direction towards the next target.

    2.Avoid opening a trade too close to major news or too early or late in the trading week.

    3.Trendlines need to go from tip of wick to tip of further wicks. This is very important because we are trading WITH the big players.

    4.Check the lower time frames to ensure price action isn’t reversing. I never enter a trade unless it looks good on M5.

    5.Screenshot every trade you open at both entry and exit. In the weekend review every trade taken to ensure your trading correctly.

    My best recommendation is you highlight in colour all accumulation zones on your charts and avoid trading these areas. Then look at the market types shown and start Selling during the Selling stage,start Buying at the Buying stage
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