*** trading principles revealed ***

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    Hi Guys,

    quite unlike my "username" suggests I've discovered some important principles for successful trading. Groups of people from other forums within Australia and the US have been asking for my "secrets" for some time, so I put something together.

    Some of these principles/rules are well documented in some of the better books and journals I have read, others not so well known. Anyway, they form the basis of my trading approach.

    I have distributed the doco to approx 350 traders around the world with excellent feedback.

    These principles will not be published or sold. They simply there for any interested traders to read.

    If you want me to send you a copy just send me an email (with "trading principles" as the subject) and I'll reply with a copy. email address [email protected]

    I will also send you a trading edge/tip for June/July trading.

    Happy Trading.
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