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Trading is like going to war....

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    Trading is like going to war……………

    You enter the war for a cause, …. probably to make money.

    You fight the battle – short term or long term. Your main want is to survive & prosper from your victory…………. if you have a victory.
    Defeat is rarely considered as an option and when (if ) it happens is a shock to all!

    A clever retreat is often never planned nor an option. The result of which can be sudden death or disability.

    When the war is over you hope to be alive and uninjured. Better still, perhaps ‘better off’ than when you entered the war.

    There are too many here who go unprepared into war and seek (expect) instant glory with massive gains, suffering no loss or pain. If that happens …………… it is indeed rare and you are incredibly lucky.

    All wars have an outcome – good for some bad for others.
    Some go into battle totally unaware of the enemy and totally unprepared – chances are, they will not survive!

    Go to war as prepared as possible, having weighed up the pros & cons and give it your best shot. Be happy to suffer the consequences (good or bad) and you will always be a winner – you gave it your best shot.

    Get to know your enemy as best you can. Survey the field of war and carve the safest path you can. Avoid as many obstacles as you can and suffer no fools.

    Be content, satisfied and resolved that the outcome (good or bad) is a direct result of no-one other than YOU.
    You are the one holding the gun to your head - no-one else!

    Peace and prosperity to those who engage the enemy & strive to know themselves better.
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