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trading holt or no trading holt come monday

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    Whats everyones view with a trading holt come monday morning. With out one i believe we will see sub 35c and closing around the 35c mark on monday for a 22% loss.

    Trading holt until the sale of CAWF and CAF has been finalised and funds transfered, is where i would like to see CNP heading for.

    But on the other hand going into the trading holt or even suspension from trading will be a long hard wait to see if she sinks or swims, even longer sleepless nights than we are having now.

    If she does sink to the low thirties on monday it will be great buying even for the short term. As the people who bought in last time we visited the 33c range would have double there money come 66c not that long ago.

    So where to from hear but south currently, oh yes i will be holding CNP long for now. This will be just one more storm that will be weathered.
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