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    now that they know where not to look ie steep plunging down dip, you will find that they keep finding more super high grade .... it did not just suddenly stop.... this deposit is so rich that stated reserves will always be far below what they mine...And now that they are drilling continuously for many months just wait and be pleasantly surprised , especially when they start to deepen and lengthen the pit and see what is really down there..
    Any new hi grade course gold augers well for when they drill the big anomaly at 400 to 500 feet.... Canadians have seen one of these become a 2 Billion $ company....just have to keep will happen..,.this is no hi grade quartz glory hole as all the non holders would like to believe...pity we in Australia hate others to win when we are not involved....
    My bet is that they will be confident of having 1 million ounces minable by time results of second quarter drilling are in...probably need to redesign the undergroung as they deepen pit to take out new discoveries now that it is known to be a much shallower orebody.... great problem to have...
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