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    Anyone have any clues as to what the announcement is going to be about? ARW up over 25% today (on average volume), though NFL down 4%..

    *Should* the government change legislation, I imagine there will be a meteoric recovery in price - anyone have thoughts on liklihood of government policy changes?

    Found this article, which may bring about policy changes mid year..

    CSIRO to report on alternative fuels mid-2008
    Posted by Nathan on January 10, 2008

    Australia’s leading scientific body, the CSIRO, is set to report on creating guidelines for sustainable alternative fuels in June. The Future Fuels Forum will consider not just alternatives to petrol, but also oil supplies and carbon emissions trading.

    The forum will include key stakeholders including motorist groups, renewable fuel advocates and government officials and is expected to guide public policy for alternative fuel use well into the twenty-first century.

    “We expect some healthy debate that will result in the development of a diverse set of scenarios for Australia’s fuel and transport future,” said John Wright, head of the Energy Transformed National Research Flagship.

    “I believe the Future Fuels Forum will result in similar success [to the Energy Future Forum] and make a significant contribution towards planning a secure and sustainable transport fuel mix.”
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