KIM kimberley diamond company nl.

trading halt

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    Just like to tell u guys about a very bad experience I encountered on the stockmarket.

    I was in this stock called intermoco INT, and what happened to that stock was similiar to what is happening with KIM.

    Okay, int was a speccy stock, but it was trading at 6c on the back of a capital raising offer. Slowly it went down to 5.5c and then bang bang dropped to 5c then next day 4.2c.

    It went as high as 4.6c in a week and then fell to 3.1c.

    Next day it rebounded to 3.7c and a trading halt was put on the company.

    The company was valued at 30M.

    Then it was suspended off the stockmarket for 9 months.The capital raising issue fell through.

    They came back on at 3.1c AFTER 9 MONTHS. They raised cash through a 1/8 share issue at 2.5c for existing shareholders.

    The similiarities are Kim has been in decline for a while and in 3 days dropped from 66.5 to 45.5.Now it has rebounded.Now there is a trading Halt.

    I honestly hope I am wrong because it will destroy me and I will have to get a job.

    Any thoughts?
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