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    Maybe the trade fair in Singapore got more of a result for MSO than originally planned. Strong rumours abound that a major asian technology group liked what it saw and wants in big time - could it be a takeover offer? Tom Simms apparently jumped on a plane and hot footed it to Singapore in the last couple of days to meet with them. Would make perfect timing, low share price, initial order from Video Ezy and a decision from the ACCC in a couple of weeks re the Video Ezy takeover of Blockbuster. Verimatrix have been putting out press releases trumpeting the incorporation of their system into the Mobilesoft box which gives MSO more credibility on the world technology scene. It would not have hurt that they picked up the best video device at the Microsoft sponsored software awards a couple of months ago. Management hold about 25% and groups friendly to them would enable a bid to achieve 50% easy. The current MSO market cap is only about $7 - 8m, nothing in world terms.
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