MBP 3.23% 3.0¢ metabolic pharmaceuticals limited


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    Both MBP/MBPO and CIR are on a trading halt at the moment, pending some very important human trial results.

    Did some homework on the weekend on CIR (Circadian Technologies) who own 34% of the MBP shares.

    On my estimates based on the closing prices last Friday and its 2002 Annual report. CIR holdings in ASX listed companies along with its cash on hand of AUD$20million, adds up to AUD$2.73 per share. It last traded at AUD$1.95 which is only 71.5% of this estimated value of AUD$2.73.

    CIR also has other interests in projects which I have not considered in its valuation, these could also add a lot of value to its share price.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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