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    I warned the day traders and T +3 boys the main actors were going to hand out a lesson and you got it today. Whilst I was slightly wrong in that the announcement came out in the last few minutes rather than after trade finishes as I predicted.

    They sucked you in with bullshit sell orders, let you guys sell it down and then whack the big investors came in and took it up.

    I notice the new posters here today with the dribble. Sell on rumour sell on fact. 10 year horizon sarcasm...

    Boys you are right and sell it down tomorrow...you will get it in the end...the main actors are seriously well connected and wealth attracts wealth.

    The main actors are worth $250m and all self made. brilliant minds just shit house in the presentation stakes.
    Now if you punters are better at wealth creation than them say so and then sell this baby. But if your not keep your sarcastic dribble to your self.

    If you are prepared to do the number crunch of ZZZZ1 then you have the right to question him. If not you are asking for a free ride. Get up of your ass and do some fact finding or piss off.

    Ive been watching this mindless carping on here for a month.

    Look at the score board.

    When is the equity partner coming. Did you notice any big lines go through? Work it out.

    These large buyers are taking you traders for a ride. They are not here, like you, for a turn.

    And for those who know the main actors one thing is absolutely true. They hardly ever sell assets..very rare.

    So they stumped up the cash for this asset out of their own pocket , then vendored it in in exchange for shares in a small company.

    So the numbers if its going to make $350m clear a year and you say its got to trade on 1X earnings ( forget 5 x, 10 x)
    what should the market cap be?

    Im here watching you geniuses arguing about 5c or 7c a share. Now I will use the lol.
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