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traders will gladly sell

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    Today's price action in CNP will see many traders move on over the next few days. Main buying going forward will come from buyers who have done their homework on the situation.
    Personally very happy with current situation & it would appear there is plenty of time for those who wish to accumulate around these levels to do so.
    The traders would have been very disappointed with today's CNP share price.
    CNP still has several boxes to tick but today's announcement shows lenders will be patient in dealing with them. Some property sales will make them even happier.
    Personally believe some major financial players of the likes of large US/overseas instos plus Macquarie & Co.,Colonial First State (Commonwealth Bank), AMP could see a real opportunity here to take a stake because it offers a huge leverage play for someone who can reorganize borrowings. Think of the extra range of financial products say AMP could offer if it ran CNP. Properties already in portfolio only need refinancing. CNP staff would be happy to continue running business for major shareholder going forward. $26Billion of assets under management here for someone to control.
    I would prefer to continue as a large long term shareholder but it may not occur this way in the end.
    PS No investment advice given please do your own research.
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