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traders back islamists with money and weapons

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    Last Updated Sat, Oct, 28 2006,13:30 Pm--Mogadishu Somalia
    Somalia: Mogadishu trade association agrees to finance the Islamic Courts
    Aweys Osman Yusuf
    Mogadishu 28, Oct.06 ( Sh.M.Network) Banadir Province Trade Association based in the capital Mogadishu has today agreed in meeting it held in the capital that it hands its arms including battlewagons over to the Union of Islamic Courts that is in control of most strategic areas in Somalia.

    The news came as the Islamists called on the traders in the capital who have heavily armed militias to surrender their arms in preparation of war against Ethiopian troops reportedly in the country.
    Prominent heads of Mogadishu’s tel-communications firms and money wiring firms based in the capital have participated in the meeting, agreeing to take part in funding and backing the Union of Islamic Courts.

    Mohomood Abdikarim Gabeyre, the leader of the trade association, briefed to journalists after their partly closed door meeting that the Somali traders in Mogadishu called on both Islamic Courts and the federal government to go to Khartoum negotiating table and settle their differences, warning Ethiopia to withdraw its troops from Somalia.

    “If Ethiopia does not pull its military forces out of the country, we will certainly take part in the war against Ethiopia to liberate our country from Ethiopia”, Gabeyra said.

    The trade official also pointed out that they appointed three individuals assigned for the collection of finances to back up the Islamic Courts forces.

    The association mentioned it would have meeting with the Islamic Courts senior officials On Sunday and would discuss about the hand over of arms

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