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    re: questions / amory hill hey amory,

    thnx for your thoughts. I'm holding RRS and watching closely. It's been good to me so far, tho am careful not to be complacent about it's action. I don't love stocks but do love whatever profits they give me. If they're good to me, I'll give them a chance to be better :-)

    I do take your point about trust. Don't worry I choose carefully. I'm very conscious of patterns ... in charts / trading and forum posts/ers.

    I've asked my questions several time in different places and haven't raised a response yet. Not even to say "kosmo ... what the hell are you talking about?". I'm aware that they are probably somewhat speculative. But in actual fact ... I'm not wanting anyone to tell me what results RRS will likely get in their drilling tests. I'm wondering in a general sense what would be considered a conservative successful result. And what would RRS itself be expecting as a minimum from an 18 hole drill program.

    anyway ... I guess we'll find out in due course. I'm not putting my house on the line. I'm not depending on anything except my own judgement. If I'm wrong ... I'm wrong. But if I'm right re RRS in this case, I'm happy :-)

    merry xmas to you AH, catch you in the new year
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