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Trade war thoughts?

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    Am a long bull on Pls but this trade war is certainly churning some investors stomachs all around.

    A couple of weeks ago I felt something in the air which made me sold out and managed to break even, I had never thought about ever selling pls but my gut was telling me to.

    The main reason(S) of me selling is:
    If you(general public) want to seek facts/numbers of this trade war, purely on what is around and released, I would dare say 50-80% of the figures/reports/websites are all fakes, wrong figures brought out by obviously groups with different agendas. I had to really dig deep and for hours for some figures you heard from some YouTube vids/news but nowhere to check where the citations are from.

    Now on another main reason for US going all out at damning Chinese commerce is the fact of 600+ billions worth of IP gets copied & allowed by Chinese gov (rise of huawei is an example, co. funded by gov) this is obviously going to have an impact on future growth of ev market. Tesla has been accusing many Chinese now ex employees attempting on stealing some of not all of the 3000+ patented IPs however Chinese gov doesn't seem to be caring one bit, now on top of Shanghai gigga factory erecting fast.

    My question to my fellow bulls and bears of the lithium sector, especially now with the situation laying in front of us all:

    Do we want to support shipments to China for that of current stable income from collaborating with Chinese companies? Or do we stand behind the modern world of freedom of trade/speech and human rights, cut off business ties with China, deal with short term suffering with greater & more humane brighter future collaborations with companies in democracy regions or even locally here in Australia?

    Please, no personal attacks. Genuine, healthy, 1st world discussions on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

    Cheers me Ozzie homies.
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