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So we actually hit the 30's today albeit only briefly and...

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    So we actually hit the 30's today albeit only briefly and looking at the course of trades, we can thank our resident bot for that little milestone. Last week was disappointing to say the least although I don't think many really thought there would have been a resolution on Friday given Trump's hike in tariffs that same day. To be fair, it doesn't look like he had much choice and whether you like him or not, no other President would have had the balls to do it. Fortunately though, it would seem that his personal relationship with President Xi has not suffered in any way unlike the shareholders of LNG Ltd.
    Obviously we are not going to reach FID "in the first part of 2019" as has been touted by management and at this rate the second part of 2019 isn't looking too crash hot either. Moneybags has provided timelines of such statements on a number of occasions alongside the zero results achieved to go with them. Our next hope is the G20 late next month where with a bit of luck, Xi and Trump will get together and smoke the peace pipe. Either way, I hope we are putting major efforts into flogging our wares in other parts of the world rather than just China and that our highly paid closers justify their wages without completely relying on IDG to get us over the line although my gut feeling is that this is what will eventually happen and hopefully before we run out of money. The only way we may find out if there are greater plans afoot will be in the next quarterly which is ages away and I fear we'll be dealt with the same rhetoric of advanced stages of this and that and of "productive discussions". Again, knowing that Baupost and IDG are still on our side makes me feel better. As for Valinor, who knows what they've been up to but they don't particularly concern me anyway. I think without IDG we'd be stuffed like Frank's ted. Even more so.

    The predictions and pretty graphs that we have been presented with over the last couple of years say that a shortfall of LNG supply will begin to occur around the 2022 mark and the big players seem to agree. The fact that it takes about 4 years to construct these liquefaction plants would indicate something has to give and very soon at that. The world wants LNG and we've got plenty to liquefy and contribute to the anticipated demand. It would be nice to know how we plan to be a part of it but don't plan on finding out anytime soon. I'm trying to remain positive and still believe Maggie will get over the line but my faith is being sorely tested of late. Apologies for not contributing anything particularly constructive to the forum with this rant, just a case of thinking out loud and bashing on a keyboard for a bit. Anyway, time for me to shutup for a while now, nothing to see here folks, move along now....

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