tou's pinko cover blown

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    Totally Useless should have checked with Pravda and his trotsky comrades before blaming the US for the effects of the tsunami.

    Not until an hour after the earthquake did seismic data reach the tsunami centre, indicating an 8.5 magnitude. That prompted a second advisory, flashed to all 26 Pacific Rim countries, including Indonesia and Australia.

    It warned of a possible tsunami near the epicentre and said there was no risk of a Pacific tsunami.

    Working frantically and independently on opposite sides of the Pacific, two of the world's foremost tsunami experts attempted to build computer models of what might be happening in the Indian Ocean.

    Vasily Titov, associate director of the Tsunami Inundation Mapping Efforts, or TIME, at the NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory in Seattle, and his Japanese counterpart, Kenji Satake, at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Japan, created amazingly accurate models. It took more than nine hours. By then, it was far too late.

    Without a system of wave-measuring buoys, linked by satellite to continuously staffed tsunami detection and warning centres, plus local emergency authorities primed to spread an alert and populations ready to flee instantly to higher ground, those living on Indian Ocean coasts were doomed. Even if their address books had been crammed with the right people to call, the Pacific tsunami centre didn't know until 31Ú2 after the earthquake that its havoc-wreaking magnitude had been reassessed to magnitude 8.9, and later, to 9.0.

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