tou4u stop taking prophet pills

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    Subject re: girl, 7, killed at the dinner table
    Posted 12/12/04 22:34 - 10 reads
    Posted by TOU4U
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    Raving - pathetic - incontinent

    (the bastard accused ME of being a racist for posting a picture of Ukraine men sunbathing)




    You are accusing me of of not being able to do a sh*t in toilet??????



    Evidence d*ckhead

    where is it???????


    I know where your evidence is.

    The same place you have have evidence for every retarded pathetic idea you come up with in your hate controlled , one sided pathetic brain.



    I tell you why you are so pathetic TOU4U.

    YOU could make some vague undesirable reference to me that might be based in .001% fact & you have no better response than to call me incontinent.

    Shame, Shame, Shame.

    Look at your self in the mirror.

    In real life your mother would probably disown you for merely the CHANCE of having sexual intercourse with me & the chance of producing offspring that would be a blessing to the family.

    You TOU4U are not a blessing to your family.

    You can't answer even 1 question which I have posted to you in all sincerity because your views are not supported by logic.

    Your view suggest that if half of hotcopper readers were killed tommorow by islamic fundamentalists you would be posting the next day,,

    It is a sad som many Hotcopper poster readers were killed but was inevitable due to the fact George Bush Jnr(the chimp) was leading the Whitehouse.

    (it continues).

    The stockmarket falls & some may say it is wrong that they do, BUT, Saudi Arabian Oil stocks rise.

    Many forget the crusades of the 11,000's but it is a fact in history.

    During that time the Crusaders stole from the poor Arab muslim farmers(muslim for 400 years).

    We are now merely seeing a rebalance on world economys that has long been overdue.

    Salidan's Executions were done for a reason.

    Now is merely a continuation of something that happened during that time(1,000 years ago).

    Yes we Islam killed 25 people yesterday but the christian crusaders killed 35 on this exact same day 1,100 years ago.

    Paybacks are a bitch.


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