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    Genuine question .

    How many muslims from their oilrich brethern are over in the disastor area helping out .

    How much money have they donated .

    Has Bin laden made a video telling how he is sorry for his brethern and will be sending money and troops to help out.

    What do you reckon DUB .

    See all the anti usa have got the shits , that once again they have to go in and clean up the mess of countries thaat cant look after themselves .

    And If I may say ,

    I have not donated one cent to Countries that dont want us , tell us we are not part of their region .

    I have been donating to the House with no steps , The Wheelchair Athletics for over 20 years .

    I dont see any reason to change .

    These countries will take all they can then call us all the names under the sun .

    If anyone has noticed , the truce the Indonesians made with the Tamil tigers , lasted as long as they could get them in their sights .

    Most muslims seem to pick on enemies that are unarmed or unaware they are the enemy .


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