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totally rooted -Ozestock poster

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    Posted by: Valueadd Sep 26 2002 8:16:42:500AM
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    Gek - we know the company is probably totally rooted ....the key issue being cash burn vs real income producing projects on the go .

    In fact its probably only worth following now because of the low share price ....which could fall much further .

    The draw card obviously is the level of new business that potentially could occur ( assuming they can deliver this stuff at a profit )

    One way of looking at the stock is via your post ( and lets face it what a bloody disaster its been for long term holders )

    The other way is to say "we are where we are . and is there any value in the skills & technology that has been develloped over the last few years"

    Any way you look at it 300 mill of revenue is significant, and should imply that the company has made a few decent inroads into its market place ( and one would assume could be turned into profitable revenue )

    My guess is that anyone following the stock now - myself included , would have a pretty open mind of the potential outcomes . ......either a big gain from here ...or total oblitereation.

    ......that means highly speculative !

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