Total Collapse of the world's financial system.

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    I mentioned this here 6 weeks ago and was ridiculed.

    Worldcom handles half of the world's internet traffic. I think you will find lack of access to the internet from next week or very slow speeds.

    Most online brokers will be useless to deal with. Only the big end of town who have direct phone numbers to full service brokers will be able to trade.

    There is a possibility of some online brokers fileing for bankruptcy, taking clients money with them. This is a real possibility.

    Tomorrow will be the first wave of panic selling, followed by many more days.

    Buyers of stocks tomorrow will realise what a big mistake it was and sell, creating an out of control snowball effect.

    Some calm will be restored, likely to be some war with the US involved. At sometime when nuclear weapons are used, governments will realise what a big mistake it was to start with, creating another panic.

    There is now a genuine fear out there and sharetraders/investors are now feeling it for the first time in their lives. Retirees will be broke if they have invested in managed funds or superannuation schemes and will be looking for work, creating more unemployment.

    At midnight when the supermarket opens I am prepared to stock up on non perishable food groups and am sitting tight.

    When times are tough, three things always prosper.
    1. Prostitution
    2. Illegal gambling
    3. Drugs/alcohol

    Funny how none of these are publicly listed companies.
    Good luck tomorrow everyone. See you out on the road.
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