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topping up and in the drawer they go.

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    For the update announcement confirms exactly what gsw and other have been stating all along. They are definately involved in the Mexican trials and more than likely will be the chosen one when it come to signing contracts after the 3 months. From reading news clippings (supplied by vintage) regarding the trials and the likelihood of further expansion into other area and sectors in Mexico i think as has been said before that this will bring world wide attention and credibility to our little aussie company. China is also a hugely untapped market which is exciting in itself.

    I will be topping up and putting them aside for 12 or so months and have no doubt it will be a muli-bagger for those that hold medium to long term.

    I have read alot of negative stuff today here on HC but i guess if you belive in the company, the product, the huge demand and our management team then your decision is an easy one. For those that don't believe sell as there are many here who will snap them up.


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