tophat will end up destroying hotcopper

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    Take my word for it, the irrelevant posts, of that rabid anti-semite Tophat will do nothing other than to cause the early demise of Hotcopper.

    Interesting articles relative to events facing the world today, is one thing.

    Dredging up post such as Tophat does, serves no purpose other than to create pain for the living survivors of the atrocities of WW2.

    There is no need to expand on what I mean by that comment.

    Yes, I too believe in free speech, but Tophat is going to "freespeech" Hotcopper right into oblivion.

    There is no need for that to happen.

    Let Tophat post away.

    If those of us who are rationaly minded despite the fact that we disagree from time to time, have a "cut and thrust' sessions now again etc, put Tophat on IGNORE or simply not answer any post of his irrespective of which forum he posts to, he will wind up either talking to himself, or getting a new nic.

    And if he does get a new nic, acts the same way, that will become transparent pretty quickly.

    I personally will not lower myself to answer or achnowledge any of his posts.

    They are basically stupid and devoid of any meaningful reason to enter into a debate.

    So Tophat, my last message to you...Post away.

    Freedom of speech? You're just another David Irving.

    And he was proven in Court to be a big time loser.

    He is in good company.


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