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top up entry point?

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    I saw this company as value early in the year when it was in the teens. The price of Copper has since decreased but I still feel the stock has only upside at this price. They have great tenements and already sitting on substancial 200k plus resource of Copper (plus enough Gold for couple years cash flow) which would have to worth at least say 10c a share? I know management promise the world and seem to do little but surely a JV has to be achieved in the foreseeable future and some positive drilling results are bound to occur??? Also I like the couple of additions to the board earlier in the year who have great BHP backgrounds. Cant see they would have came to the company if they thought it was going to hang around with a market cap of less than 20 million. Not super stable down here for people of such experience.

    Now my question is what do you people think of the cash position. Must be round or under the 1 million mark currently. And extensive drilling and feasability clarification studies underway. Will the Tulla resources 3 mill loan be utilised fully, and will these funds be sufficient? Or will a cap raising be necessary. I just want to top up and average down my initial outlay. But would hate to see a 4 cent or below cap raising in the next few months?? Thoughts people
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