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    Since Scarva no longer gives us frequent news updates on the DRC, I thought it might be useful to post the headings of DRC stories over the past week from the web-site.

    Obviously lots more progress is needed, but the tone of stories has changed noticably over the last 12 months and continues to bode very well for AVL as they expand their operation and copper and silver output.

    September 12
    * SADC Urged to Pacify DRC
    * NGO Appeals for Release of Nine Rights Activists in Lubumbashi
    * MSF Calls for Greater Humanitarian Intervention in Northern Katanga
    * Seven Uruguayan UN Troops Under Investigation for Theft
    * UN Continues to Boost Troop Strength in Bunia

    September 11
    * DRC: Mayi-Mayi, RCD-Goma Begin Reconciliation Efforts
    * Irin Interview With Mayi-Mayi Political Leader Marcel Munga
    * Amnesty International On Children At War
    * ICRC Provides Drinking Water for 15,000 Residents of Uvira

    September 10
    * Irin Interview With UN Human Rights Rapporteur Antoanella-Iulia Motoc
    * NGO Coalition Aids 1,100 Families in Uvira Region
    * Three RCD-Goma Officers Summoned Before Military Court
    * MSF Fights Cholera Outbreak in Rwanguba, North Kivu

    September 9
    * MONUC's Ituri Brigade Facilitates Fataki Evaluation Mission
    * Amnesty Decries Use of Children in Armed Conflict

    September 8
    * Child Soldiers Tell Their Stories
    * President Completes His Ministerial Team
    * RSF Condemns Police Brutality Against Two Journalists From "Le Phare" Newspaper, Demands Release of Journalist Guy Kasongo Kilembwe
    * Government Body Stops Medical Sales to DRC Hospitals

    September 6
    * UN Peacekeepers Now Patrolling in Bunia

    September 5
    * Burundi Rebels Blamed for Killing Civilians in DR Congo
    * New Army Inaugurated, But Without a Name

    September 4
    * UN Troops Move to Secure Fataki, Displaced in Urgent Need of Aid
    * UN Repairing Bunia Airport, Other Infrastructure
    * UN Security Council Lauds European Union International Force in Bunia
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