top 5 micro caps for 2005

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    2004 was a year that saw the market recover and bring back many of the traders that had gone on holidays .

    In looking at 2005 I am a little skeptical and think it might be a stock pickewrs year rather than a general market continuation of the latest rally.

    The small caps generally have been very soft in the last 3 months with many taking profits pre xmas and leaving many stocks drifting down on low volume.

    In looking ahead i would be interested to see hotcopperites top 5 picks (not advice just our own opinions) in the small cap end ,i intend noting down all those stocks selected and then monitring them throughoutthe year.

    My 5 in no order are

    CTF .
    Love the story thanks to dulux and co and are happy itd pulled back to a better value level at 34 rather tha 44 where it appeared overbought.

    After a few years of trials it looks ready to find a big brother and deliver ,again a nice pullback following a placement and lighter december volume gets it in to my top 5

    Really like the digital voodoo purchase and the share price coming back from 1.6 to 1.1 in the last 2 weeks.

    Had a tough time in the last 2 years and has cleared all its debt ,at 2c i am a buyer.

    Small cap player that has been looking for a deal for 12 months ,at the current 1.5c level it appears to ave little downside at a shell value.

    These are just my opinions and not advise so do your own ressearch .

    Be interested to know others top 5 for 05

    I hold ctf ctfo bkm and mcl

    I do not hold ice or ept but are considering them both
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