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    For those that may find value in my updates...


    1. The Top 40 currently hold 73.23% or 456.3m shares. A fortnight ago they held 73.07%.

    2. Park End Limited at number two still hold 20m shares that came from Genorah Res ( Doull consolidated Ltd). I am guessing that shares are covering a loan. Why else would Genorah Res offload at a time close to a JV and anticipated jump in sp?

    3. One new entrant (private investor)at No38 with 950,000 shares.

    4. Minor movements by nominee companies.


    We are all waiting for that JV announcement.


    With options cease trading today one would imagine a mass exodus by nervous investors?

    1. Top 40 option holders held 47.14% or 28m options.Previously they held 47.4%.

    2. Three private investors who held 500,000, 400,000 and 374,000 options have departed.

    3.Several new investors with holdings between 450,000 and 331,000 now appear on the top 40 list.

    4.Virtually no movement amongst other holders.


    We are all holding our breath that management will offer us a rollover plan of some sort before expiry of the 60m options. Surely the top holders would have been pressing P Landau for a rescue package?

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Currently unlisted public company.

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