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    Below is a response from Globaldigger on the ARU thread regarding Top 20 .... just posting it on the CVI thread as I know that the top 20 has been mentioned and analysed many a time on the CVI thread.

    Hi all,

    I noticed following statement from ADY regarding TOP20 anns.

    "ADMIRALTY RESOURCES NL Answer from Phillip Thomas,

    Executive Director
    We already have about 12 large institutional investors (i.e. funds with more than US $2 billion in
    Most institutions have more than one holding so they sit individually below the Top 20 so you
    will not see them on the materials we publish on the website. The law changed so we don't
    have to publish the Top 20 anymore. I do it as a service. If a company asks me not to include
    their holdings, we will comply."

    I didn�t know, that the law changed and maybe that fits to ARU, too.

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