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    If anyone in Perth has time would love to see the Top 20 SHs. I assume Bronze is still in there with his big holding, unless he sold for tax purposes. Yes oil is at a low but once it goes bk to $1 and if management can time it well with funding and Ann of c13-c-17 flowing then it will spark some trading interest. Still a long way to go we all have lost but I don't believe this company will fold. To much up potential in assets to just throw away. Too much negative in forums yes we have lost but all the oil down in atzam wells must be our prime goal. Forget Texas at this stage, just a intricate web of financiers doing their dirty laundry. Time for management to time some Ann's when oil gets bk to decent levels and just maybe a slight rise or landau pump will occur. A good price to buy IMO.
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