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top 20 shareholders ....no change

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    Hi all

    During the boardroom radio presentation yesterday I emailed Julian Chick CEO Avexa a number of questions regarding the decline in the share price.

    The abbreviated version of his response was:

    1. personally checked the shareholding of the top 20 and no decline in holdings.

    2. believes market sentiment to small caps is a contributing factor.

    3. believes margin calls on AVX are a contributing factor.

    4. also outlined their trialling progress which is essentially contained in the latest conference presentation.

    I pointed out to Julian that shorts probably have stops at about 40c....and it would take a quarter million dollars to take them out and cause a short squeeze.

    Emailed a few mates too....

    So if you're short on this stock....you're going to get BURNED you evil buggers!!!!!


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