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top 20 analysis

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    Here is a comparison of the old top 20 (20 Sept 2010)compared with the latest top 20 shareholders as per the latest announcement about it.This info has been collated and supplied by bootleg, who is still(unfairly and wrongfully) suspended.

    This show s great vote of confidence by many investors and the top 2o now controls 40.14% where they only controlled 25.35% last year.
    Abbreviations: O/O means out of top 20
    DNF means did not figure last time.

    ABN Amro 53m down to 48m
    Jamora 53m up to 260m (huge jump)
    Jalein 36m up to 80.8m
    Millcrest 31.4m down to 28.6m
    Streamline 20m down to O/O
    Bond St 17.9m down to O/O
    Sammut 16m up to 29m
    Austock 15m down to O/O
    Steere 10m up to 15m
    Starland 8.5m up to 86.7m (big jump)
    Kelro 7.2m up to 79m (big jump)
    Woolmaton DNF up to 86m (big jump)
    Caldaroni DNF up to 60m
    Reprove DNF up to 28.8m
    Perpetual Cap DNF up to 24.5m
    Vallone DNF up to 21m
    Yigarn Infrastruct ure DNF up to 20m
    Lee DNF up to 17m
    Brooks DNF up to 16.9m
    Churchill DNF up to 16.5m
    Pheeney DNF up to 15m
    Yi Hua He DNF up to 14m

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