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    Toot toot, but silly jokes aside, the more I analyse this great company, the more undervalued I have realised it is. Do your own research but you only need to study the geology, the management and the company's cash position to realise we are currently trading well below fair value, even with the 25M placement shares added to the registry.

    This is a very tightly held register with little script on issue. this can only benefit us holders. As others have predicted, I firmly agree that WTN has the potential to run like CDU and FMG did in their early days.

    Groote is worth alot more than many people realise, and once the market wakes up to this secret, that's when we'll see the real action begin. BHP takeover? I don't want to speculate. But I think we'll see major institutional buying before that happens, which will put a rocket under the share price.

    In my honest opinion the smart money is yet to enter WTN, and this could well become the stock of 2010.

    The Factaa
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Currently unlisted public company.

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