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tool creates downhole seismic response

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    Tool Creates Downhole Seismic Response That Could Reduce U.S. Dependence on Foreign Oil

    Wednesday February 13, 2:15 pm ET
    West Texas Operator Shows Promising Results that Technology can Improve Oil Industry

    PLANO, Texas, Feb. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- A West Texas Operator completed a three-year study proving Applied Seismic Research's (ASR) Hydro-Impact(TM) Technology tool significantly reduced the historical decline of oil production in their Permian Basin field by at least 20%. For casual energy observers, phrases like "reducing decline" are confusing and not overly impressive. More simply put, this tool can shake loose more oil out of existing oil producing fields. If the U.S. applied this tool to existing fields across our nation, the result could reduce U.S. dependency on foreign oil.
    The unit decline rate improved from 14.3% during the pre-project stabilization period (January 2003 - January 2005) to 11.9% since the start of the seismic stimulation tools in February 2005 to date . . .," stated a West Texas Operator in a September 5, 2007 letter to the Railroad Commission of Texas.
    ASR notes, what is equally remarkable is only two of our Hydro-Impact tools were used to stimulate all 90 wells. ASR's tool accomplishes this by sending out huge shockwaves, continuously, over a large area covering 100s of acres.

    "I commend Applied Seismic Research for their innovative technology approach that could significantly impact key oil production operations in Texas and elsewhere. Widespread use of the technology throughout the state could potentially increase overall ultimate oil recovery in known reservoirs across the State of Texas," said Texas Railroad Commissioner Victor Carrillo. "Techniques to encourage responsible additional domestic exploration and production are good for our state and nation."

    Applied Seismic Research's Hydro-Impact(TM) Technology: The tool uses seismic wave stimulation technology to shake loose oil trapped in wells. The low-cost procedure was developed by Applied Seismic Research to enhance oil recovery in mature oil fields, make it economically possible to increase the yield of production by as much as 500% while at the same time lower water production in currently producing oil fields. Last Fall, the Railroad Commission of Texas certified Seismic Stimulation as an Enhanced Oil Recovery process in a Permian Basin field project, making the project eligible for a 50% decrease in severance tax on production from this unit.
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