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took my profit and went home!

  1. Yak
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    OK a placement - gotta live with that.

    But usually these take place at say a 10-15% disc on the recent share price

    Its been at ~14-15c for ages come 11.5C???

    Capital Raising
    Matrix has reached in-principle agreement with Hartleys to place 130,434,783
    ordinary shares at an issue price of 11.5 cents per share to raise $15,000,000
    (the “Issue”) principally to Hartleys international and domestic institutional
    The Issue is being undertaken in two tranches, with the first tranche comprising
    55,737,746 shares at 11.5 cents per share placed pursuant to the Company’s
    15% placement authority and the second tranche being 74,697,037 shares at
    11.5 cents per share placed subject to shareholder approval at a general
    meeting of shareholders to be held on or about 5 May 2004.
    In addition, the Company also intends to undertake an offer of shares to
    shareholders by way of a Share Purchase Plan (“SPP”) to raise up to a further
    $5,000,000 at 11.5 cents per share. Under the SPP, each shareholder
    registered with the Company’s share registry as at Thursday 8 April 2004 will be
    invited to subscribe for new shares up to a total value of $5,000 each. If
    subscriptions for the SPP exceed $5,000,000 all applications will be scaled
    back pro-rata by the oversubscription percentage.
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