tonys magnificent carbon tax video lol

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    Oh, won't we have some fun on HC tomorrow reading all the pathetic excuses for the Video of the

    Absolute classic!

    Let's have a guess at what the excuses will be:-

    (HINT: Don't expect anything

    1. Tony didn't mean it.

    2. Tony's changed his mind (He's allowed to apparently)

    3. It wasn't a carefully scripted statement.

    4. Tony was misquoted.

    5. It's not actual footage. It's an animated

    6. The economic climate has changed.

    7. Tony was tired.

    8. Tony was quoted out of context.

    9. Tony has grown up since then.

    10. Tony has become more responsible since he became

    Paul Keating was so right on one thing at least. God help us if this Abbott being becomes PM of this nation.

    He stands for nothing. Zilch. Zip. Zero.

    Might just replay Tony's video before I head off to bed. Such entertainment is hard to
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