tony abbott vs julia gillard

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    The two candidates, what a difference. . . . . . . ..

    Lets look at the difference between the two candidates and what a stark contrast between the two.


    Volunteer Firefighter No community volunteering ever
    Volunteer Lifesaver No community volunteering ever
    Volunteer Aboriginal community teacher No community volunteering ever
    Economics degree No economics degree
    Married Has affairs with married men
    Ex journalist Ex Lawyer
    3 children with home Mortgage No children no mortgage
    Catholic faith Atheist
    Successful Health Minister Education Minister for the BER rorting
    Supported his PM Knifed her PM
    His Government left 20 Billion $$$ surplus Her government has created a 90 Billion
    $$$ Debt and is currently borrowing100 million dollars each day

    Has always belonged to the Liberal party Documented Links to the Communist party
    Needs Liberal votes to win Needed Green preference & bribed independents to win
    Rhodes scholar Fabian socialist society
    Has not changed his standing �Real Julia" revealed compared to fake Julia
    Stopped the boats Says " Another boat another policy failure" when in
    opposition but has no idea in government
    Chosen opposition leader UN-elected PM

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