Tony Abbott to deliver National Press Club

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    Live coverage: Tony Abbott to deliver National Press Club speech

    Posted 6 minutes agoMon 2 Feb 2015, 9:33am
    MAP: Australia
    Prime Minister Tony Abbott is facing a crucial day in his leadership as he prepares to deliver a highly anticipated speech at the National Press Club.
    In the wake of Saturday's disastrous Queensland election result, Coalition MPs across the country fear they face an electoral wipe-out and some ministers have told the ABC they think the Prime Minister should consider resigning.
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    • 9 minutes ago
      In key developments this morning:

      Social Services Minister Scott Morrison confirmed Mr Abbott's signature paid parental leave scheme would not be going ahead, saying "We're not proceeding with the paid parental leave scheme that has been advanced because the priority is to get the focus on childcare to ensure that we have a childcare package."

      Foreign Minister Julie Bishop told reporters in Sydney's Martin Place that: "The PM has my support".

      Arriving back in Sydney from the US, former Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull said: "The only thing we should be interested in on the political front today is the Prime Minister's speech to the National Press Club in a few hours"
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