tony abbot wimps out..weak as p..

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    ABC Online;
    Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott has withdrawn from a public debate scheduled for this afternoon at the University of Sydney because, he says, police cannot guarantee his safety.

    Mr Abbott was to take part in a debate on voluntary student unionism (VSU) with his federal Opposition counterpart, Julia Gillard.

    He has told Channel Nine that police have advised him they cannot guarantee his safety, which he says indicates the state is facing serious law and order issues.

    "The interesting thing is that last week New South Wales police were saying that student protests were relatively peaceful and nothing much to worry about," he said.

    "This week they're saying that student protests could become very ugly indeed and even pose a risk to life.

    "Well if it's as bad as that, the police have a very serious law and order challenge."

    Dave R.
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