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    Little Johny's ambitions of recognition as a world stage "player" were clearly show to be what they are (a figmnet of his own dementure) when groups of Security Council representative could not even recall his name . . . . & even when prompted of it by the camera man, they seemed to doubt if he was correct.

    Then we seen that big jelly bean Alex-an-der Bow-na making a trip to the demilitarised zone between Nth & Sth Korea . . . . . what, his charisma is going to leap over the no-mans zone & stike sense into the Nth Koreans !!

    Then, not to be left out, our inspiring Defence Minister -you know, the one who builds submarines that can be heard a continent away (not that that matters really cause they can't get far enough away from the dry-dock to be a nuisance to any aggressors), buys old reconditioned helicopters (that haven't been delivered even though they have been paid for) and equally obsolete (& defective to the point that the Yanks don't even want to fly them) fighter planes, pipes up & says that we also need to develop "Star Wars" capability because the Nth Koreans may have a missile that can reach Oz . . . . Alex-an-der must have really scared the sh!t outa them !!

    They way things are going I'm expecting Smirky Costello to come up with the proposition that we become the 53rd State . . . no more trade or exchange rate problems and lots more important people to have round for dinner.

    Somebody please come around and wake me up, I gotta be having one weird dream here ! !

    We appear to have a Government full of egotistical little would-be's if they could-be's sensing their 15 minutes of fame is here.
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