tonights conversation with an israeli

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    One of my ICQ friends is an Israeli woman.
    This is a chat we had tonight;

    Dave (9:29 PM) :
    Looks like war brewing up over there.
    yellik (9:30 PM) :
    yellik (9:30 PM) :
    Its Terror
    yellik (9:31 PM) :
    The Chamas and other fondementalists wont let us make peace
    Dave (9:31 PM) :
    Yes, the news in Australia is full of it.
    I never thought the peace plan had a chance anyway.
    Too much hatred in the Middle East.
    yellik (9:33 PM) :
    It was much easier if they were united
    yellik (9:33 PM) :
    The Fatach (the present government) are negociating and the Chamas bombing
    Dave (9:33 PM) :
    From here it looks like deep rooted hatred that will never end.
    yellik (9:34 PM) :
    It could, I am never hopeless
    yellik (9:34 PM) :
    They need to arrest all terrorists
    Dave (9:35 PM) :
    Well, I don't like your chances.
    Israel would win another war, but still there would be no peace.
    yellik (9:35 PM) :
    There new leader promissed to do that
    yellik (9:36 PM) :
    Dave (9:36 PM) :
    Yes, but the Palestinians are a rabble with no real leader.
    yellik (9:36 PM) :
    Once they will stop their terrorists something would move,,,like the Egyptions did to their terrorists, and the Jordanians
    Dave (9:37 PM) :
    I doubt the palestinians could or would really want to stop terrorism
    yellik (9:38 PM) :
    In Oslo agreement, the late mr. Rabin gave them weapons in order to arrest the Chams,,they used those weapons against us
    Dave (9:38 PM) :
    yellik (9:39 PM) :
    Now it is going to be the same,
    Dave (9:39 PM) :
    Our media is predicting all out war.
    yellik (9:40 PM) :
    Yes I know
    Dave (9:45 PM) :
    The world makes Australia look a very good place and I am glad I am Australian.
    yellik (9:46 PM) :
    I got no other homeland,,,
    yellik (9:47 PM) :
    Dave (9:47 PM) :
    It is a terrible situation you are in.
    Unimaginable here.
    yellik (9:48 PM) :
    We sing a beautiful song saying, "I dont have any other country to live in, even if the grownd is buring"
    Dave (9:48 PM) :
    A sad song
    yellik (9:49 PM) :
    "Here where I was born, here where my kids born" and .......
    yellik (9:50 PM) :
    But you must understand that we live great when its quiet
    Dave (9:51 PM) :
    Yep, shame you have to keep fighting for it though.

    Dave R.
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