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    Hey tom, what do you think HRR will make it. They claim they have the second largest Nickle resource but it all seems to be a long way off....


    Not holding


    Hi Mike, thankyou for asking my opinion.

    You say,"it all seems to be a long way off...."

    My feelings exactly.

    HRR have never stated anything otherwise imo.

    My last research on HRR showed they had the intention of mining Nickel sometime 3-4 years in the future after they raise a few $100+ million from somebody.

    Where are the hundreds of millions of dollars coming from??

    Certainly not from me :)

    What will Nickel prices be in 2009?

    Who know? Who cares?

    Will HRR survive?


    Will current shareholders make a fortune from HRR??

    Probably not.

    HRR's only hope is that someone with "lots of money" will buy their land.

    Otherwise it is up to Hotcopper readers to push the share price up to ridiculous levels before the collapse.

    I don't trust Hotcopper readers when it comes to long term investments.

    I smell capital raisings.

    Short term price spikes will be great selling opportunities.

    Turnover in HRR does not provide enough liquidity for me to trade confidently.

    Good luck to all holders.


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