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    re: sally_will what are your thoughts Tom,

    Not that it matters but you have (in my estimation) climbed several rungs for your post but I hope that I am not one of those persons to which you refer.

    I think I know to whom you refer and in his defence all I can say is that at times he was justified simply because some here were also taunting him.

    Let's face it, it is very easy for some to stick the boot in and make jokes about a company that looks exceptionally weak - "a rank underdog" (I am not saying you did that) and now that the first major score is on the board for Heron, with no doubt many more announcements to follow, most of the "jibe" posters should have egg on their dials.

    Anyway Tom, thanks for your reply and no harm done.

    Cheers, and who knows, might see one of your posts under JBM or PIO when JBM makes some decent hits at Acra.


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