Tom kerridge kabab

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    Tom Kerridgelamb kabab:


    Pulse in thefood processor:

    200 gm lambmince.

    200 gm dicedlamb leg meat.

    2 garliccloves garlic.

    ½ teaspoonsalt

    ½ tspbicarbonate of soda.

    2 teaspoonground cumin.

    1 teaspoonground paprika.

    1 tsp onionpowder.

    1 tsp driedoregano.

    pinch driedchilli flakes.

    Black pepperto taste.


    Roll intosausages and flatten.


    Barbecue onthe charcoal webber.


    Well done onone side and lightly seared on the other until medium rare to medium.


    For theyoghurt sauce mix the following in a small bowl:


    100 ml fatplain yoghurt.


    2 tablespoonfinely chopped mint leaves.


    pinchgranulated sweetener.


    pinch salt.



    Serve on 2medium corn tortillas.


    The sliced meat.


    40 gm shreddediceberg lettuce.


    50 gm slicedcucumber.


    2 sliced tomatoes.


    ½ small thinlysliced red onion.


    6 pickledchillies.


    hot sauce.


    The yoghurt dressing.


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