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todays vwap is 10.64

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    Some of the buyers today who bought shares at much higher prices will probably be wanting to get their money back.
    It appears someone seems to be absorbing the shares at around the $10.40 - $10.45 price so maybe ready for another run up today?

    About $3.5M dollars worth changed hands at $10.65 & $2.5M at both $10.75 & $10.80...lots of big players in ZFX that don't like to get burnt but then again plenty have been scorched already after it fell from a high near $21. Also many option holders were caught out badly too & had to purchase shares way above the trading price when they did the big drop - a certainty the shorters made a killing!

    It would be interesting to know how many individuals & funds still have huge holdings over the $16+ mark.
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