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todays trading thur 29 march subdued

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    US overnight did a retrace but still well over 13,000

    Xao barely in the green

    End of qtr 1 day left of trading....

    So the tree shaking will begin in earnest....weaker traders will be squeezed out.....shock and awe......

    The big money men control the game.....its moves when they say it can not before....they make the charts....not the small traders.....

    Well I expect Qi report to be a big improvement on the last qtr report...

    Notice how we had big volumes on wed for little price movement...that total control of a stock...

    NOw today those big buyers/traders/brokers/ have stepped back into the shadows....

    today they have been on a go slow and pulled the price back 3c so far as at

    2:47 screen shot

    2:57 now look at the next shot at 2:57

    They are in the market to buy up and shake out as many shares as possible on the cheap.....
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