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    It's obvious that someone wanted out today. The interesting observation is the pattern of trades, timing and buy orders.

    At 10.25.40 am the first batch of 10,020,000 at 1 cent went thru. Were there orders for 10m at 1 cent on the buy side at start of day? I suspect not.

    At 10.27.14 am the second large batch of 955,000 at 1 cent went thru. That's within 2 mins of the first sale.

    At 3.57.51 pm the third and final batch of 9,670,593 at 0.009c went thru. Again were there orders of nearly 10m sitting on the buy side? Don't think so.

    That's a total of 20.645,593 or 85.7% of total trades cleared in three strikes.

    If you check the top 20 holders you will see to enter the list you need to have had 10.130 m shares. So we know it's a top 20 holder exiting. My guess is that it was Citicorp who had 30,592,493 shares. The last three digits 493 lines up closely with the 593 above. If it is Citi then there is another 10m to go.

    In conclusion the fact there were no orders sitting on the buy side for 10m each time makes me wonder if it was an organised movement of shares between interested parties.

    I will let others check my facts for confirmation.

    So until there is an announcement that no funding for graphite secured and no drill has broken down I remain positive of the future.
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