Today's good for going to the beach

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    Don't expect too much to happen on the ASX for the next day or so. The markets are currently unusually subdued waiting for

    1. the August 14 deadline in the U.S. for company CEOs to sign off on their company accounts and

    2. speculation that despite historically low interest rates, Greenspan & his cohorts may grab the bull by the horns & proactively lower rates yet again at the next Federal Reserve meeting.

    In short, as far as today's concerned, we may as well all go to the beach, watch a movie or take a long stroll in the park. As almost certainly, there won't be much action or dynamism evident on the boards today.

    When corporate need replaced by greed
    CEOs thrown in jail, ne'er to be freed
    "Oh woe is me", they whinge 'n moan
    Too bad, you crims - you're on your own!

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